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Hale Kipa’s Transitional Living Program (TLP) recently graduated a client who set the record for the longest time in residence. He maxed out the program by staying the full 18-months allowable by the funders.

Growing up in foster care, “Lance” struggled in school and just managed to graduate. He had only held a couple of short-term jobs and ended up on the streets after “aging out” of the foster system.

He entered TLP with only a part-time weekend “under-the-table” job with no money and just a backpack full of possessions. During his time at TLP, he struggled with maintaining employment, getting terminated from a series of jobs back-to-back. But each successive job lasted longer than the previous, and he remained hopeful.

While in residence, he also tried a semester of community college. However, it was here that he learned that he’s more adept to a “hands on” approach than to classroom learning, so he refined his career goals once again. After dishwashing at a couple of busy local restaurants, Lance realized that he wanted to be the one preparing & cooking the food, so he has now decided to pursue the culinary arts.

Upon exiting TLP, Lance had over $3,000 in savings and has enrolled in the Hawai‘i Job Corps’ Culinary Arts Program as the next step on his path.

We wish Lance the best of luck, success, and happiness as he moves forward towards his goals!

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