Kamehameha Schools Career & Post-High Counseling & Guidance (CPHCG)

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The Kamehameha Schools Career & Post-High Counseling & Guidance (CPHCG) Department’s mission is to support Native Hawaiian students in achieving a higher education degree, entering the career of their choosing and cultivating their ability to be servant leaders

Kaʻi Lamakū

Kamehameha Schools’ Ka’i Lamakü Program is a vital piece of Extension Education’s Career & Post-High Counseling & Guidance Department, designed to support students’ quest for higher education. Our program’s service mission is to provide Native Hawaiian learners’ individualized transitional counseling and guidance with their college and/or career plans, by:

• Bridging the transition from high school graduation to college life or career entry

• Providing retention services designed to promote success in their identified program of study with emphasis on their 1st year of college

• Supporting well thought out and goal driven entry into the workplace 


Post-High Counseling & Guidance

Vision of Kamehameha Schools
Kamehameha Schools is a dynamic and nurturing learning community committed to educational excellence. We assist people of Hawaiian ancestry to achieve their highest potential as “good and industrious men and women.” We do so by contributing to their development as people who are:

• grounded in spiritual and Christian values;
• intellectually, emotionally, and socially self-reliant;
• resourceful, resilient, life-long learners;
• equipped with the skills they need to succeed in endeavors of their choosing;
• responsible, ethical, contributing members of their multi-cultural and diverse communities, and
• prepared to practice and perpetuate the Hawaiian values and traditions of Ke Ali‘i Pauahi.



Aloha! Kilohoku provides individuals and organizations with opportunities in career awareness, preparation, and entry.  Kilohoku consists of the following programs and support services: The Career Professional Network (CPN), Kapili Oihana Internship Program (KOIP), and Career Development Resources (CDR). 

Our Learners: 

We serve learners who are referred by Pre-College and Post High Counseling Staff as well as individuals from the community that request assistance.

Kilohoku Contact Information:
Email: ks_cphc@ksbe.edu
Phone: (808) 534-8280
Fax: 1 (808) 935-3064


Kamehameha Schools Career & Post-High Counseling & Guidance (CPHCG)


We can be reached toll free at (800)842-4682 (IMUA) or via email at ks_cphc@ksbe.edu.