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Hale Kipa’s Independent Living Program (ILP) teaches skills for interdependent living and self sufficiency to youth that are in permanent foster care.

The program works in a variety of placement settings including Department of Human Services (DHS) and Hale Kipa licensed foster homes. In addition, the Haloa Transitional House (HTH) provides a transitional residence house with live-in Resident Advisor for former foster young women. Hale Kipa’s Independent Living Program Training Apartment (ILPTA) provides a teaching home for young men transitioning out of foster care (see separate ILPTA insert).

Youth in the ILP program are encouraged to develop independent living skills such as time and money management, employment/vocation, education, social and personal skills, household management, health and leisure, legal and consumer skills, and making the most of community resources.


Assessment and personal planning
Individual and group support
Outreach activities
Skill building
Advocacy, information & referral
Residential options
Higher education payee & support services
Foster family support
Resident advisor support


Outreach: youth in foster care, 12-19 years of age
Preference given to youth in permanent foster care
ILP Foster Home, youth ages 16-18
HTH: former female foster youth,18-21 years of age
Youth who have exited from foster care


Must not have significant drug/alcohol abuse, violent behavior, or criminal activity within past 6 months or be in psychiatric crisis
Able to function in community with minimal supervision
Capable of employment
Willing and able to participate in all program activities
Verbal screening, written application/referral, and pre-placement required for residential program


(ILP) Independent Living Program:
Attend high school
Input into Service Plan
Participate in program and make progress toward skills attainment and personal goals
HTH (Haloa Transitional House):
Identify higher education and/or vocational goals
Input into Service Plan
Participate in program and make progress toward skills and personal goals attainment
Pay monthly program fees
Purchase own groceries, personal care items, and cook own meals


Completion of goals/program
Lack of participation
Youth terminates services
Youth ages out of program
Serious rule violations in home setting


Residential Services
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