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About Us

Hale Kipa is a multi-service, fully accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that specializes in working with youth and their families who often have nowhere else to turn. Hale Kipa has served more than 71,000 youth throughout Hawai‘i since its beginning in 1970 as a single shelter on O‘ahu. This includes working in partnership with public agencies and private organizations to provide residential, outreach, and foster care services at no cost. With programs that are flexible and responsive to changing needs, Hale Kipa supports youth involved in juvenile justice, behavioral health, education and child welfare. Program goals include stabilizing young people in crisis and helping youth and families build resiliency to experience success in their lives.

There are approximately 173 full-time and part-time employees at Hale Kipa. Each Hale Kipa program has licensing, contractual and accreditation standards that must be met. Employees go through an initial orientation, and some have been through much more extensive training. All receive regular and routine supervision.

To work in a Hale Kipa program that accepts placements from the State’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division, all individuals must go through an extensive credentialing process that includes a review of their educational background, verification of employment, a review of reference letters, criminal backgrounds and the child abuse and neglect screenings to assure that the staff working in our programs are not a risk to the youth and/or young adults that they supervise.

Unique characteristics of Hale Kipa which makes us especially qualified to perform our work include our long-standing expertise in the areas of outreach family counseling, emergency shelter, residential treatment, foster care and independent living, flexibility to individualize placement and services, strong and effective working partnerships and collaborations with other community agencies. Hale Kipa’s history speaks to a commitment to youth, willingness to partner, being a strong voice in the community, and leadership in the areas of youth. We are currently licensed as a child-placing agency by the Department of Human Services.

Our Five Core Values

As we transition into a new leadership team and organizational structure, new core values have been created to guide our work and our relationships, both internally and externally.  We are proud to share them!

Aloha for our youth, each other, and our community is at the root of all our work.  In Practice, Aloha is our spirit.  It’s the way we show up, and is embedded in all other values.

  • Aloha is in our attitude
  • We fill our own cups so we may fill others’
  • We reciprocate
  • We put aside judgement
  • We lead with love
  • We show Gratitude
  • We show aloha in our greetings

We are kind and caring stewards of our programs built on compassion as places of growth for the youth we serve.  In Practice, we are hope and light for youth in darkness.  We nurture our light to shine on others.

  • We prioritize self-care
  • We care for our relationships
  • We listen
  • We are open to the world
  • We take five and make five. We pause for ourselves and others.
  • We honor others
  • We discern what is important

We are grounded in connections and relationships.  We believe ibn acceptance and honor each person’s strengths and differences.  In Practice, connections are at the heart of our work.

  • We take time
  • We appreciate others
  • We have shared conversations to build trust and prevent hesitancy
  • We are reliable
  • We acknowledge what we heard
  • We give grace and we forgive
  • We are curious and ask clarifying questions
  • We define our boundaries
  • We seek to know the needs and expectations of our team
  • We believe in no regrets
  • We are intentional

We work together to be responsive, flexible, and innovative in meeting our commitments to youth and families.   In Practice, we are a driving force around our responsive, flexible, youth-driven family work.

  • We see strength in differences
  • We stand up for each other and have each other’s backs
  • We cannot practice laulima alone
  • We look for more ways to use laulima with our staff
  • We integrate laulima into our programs

We work together to build trust by being reliable and consistent, and creating a safe place for all to be vulnerable and honest with their thoughts and feelings.  In Practice, trust comes from consistency and reliability.

  • We invite others in and are open to them
  • We take risks and show our vulnerability
  • We ask for help
  • We clarify our intentions
  • We give grace
  • We have accountability for ourselves