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Emergency Shelters

Contact: 808.754.9844

Hale Kipa operates several types of shelters on O‘ahu offering emergency services for youth through age 17. Our shelters are open to youth who have been abused, or are neglected, unsheltered, or facing a personal crisis.

All of our emergency shelters accept self-referrals as well as referrals from Child Protective Services, Family Court, parents, and youth agencies.

Group Shelters

■ Our Girls Emergency Shelter houses eight females at a time, ages 12 through 17.
■ Our Boys Emergency Shelter houses eight males at a time, ages 12 through 17.

Kamala Homes

Kamala Homes are temporary emergency foster homes on O‘ahu that provide services to youth ages 10 through 17 who may best be served in a home setting. Kamala Home parents are licensed and trained by Hale Kipa. For more on Kamala Homes, visit our Therapeutic Foster Care page.

Hale Lanipōlua Assessment Center (HLAC)

Contact: 808.266.7980

Hale Kipa’s Hale Lanipōlua Assessment Center on O‘ahu is open to youth ages 12 through 17 who are victims / survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

Transitional Shelters

Contact: 808.589.1829 Ext. 200

Transitional Living Program (TLP)

Hale Kipa’s Transitional Living Program on O‘ahu provides residential services to young adults ages 18 through 21 experiencing being unsheltered, to promote their successful transition to self-sufficiency.

Transitional Living Program Residences

■ Our Men’s Residence houses four men at a time, ages 18 through 21 (single only).
■ Our Women’s Residence houses four women at a time, ages 18 through 21 (single, pregnant and/or parenting), and up to two babies.

In the program, young adults work toward educational and vocational goals and learn life skills as they transition out of being unsheltered. It is our commitment to support them in realizing their goals while providing appropriate structure and support.

Hāloa House

Contact: 808.589.1829 Ext. 233

Hāloa House is a residential program overseen by a live-in Resident Advisor, that provides skill-building services to young women (ages 18 through 21) who were formerly in foster care or experienced being unsheltered to help them obtain education, employment and safe living arrangements.

Independent Living Program Training Home

Contact: 808.589.1829 Ext. 200

Hale Kipa’s Independent Living Program Training Home offers a home and skill-building services to youth or young men, ages 17 through 21, on parole or probation to help them obtain education, employment and safe living arrangements.

Step-Up Housing Program & Foster Youth to Independence (FYI)

Contact: 808.589.1829 Ext. 233

Hale Kipa’s Step-Up Housing & Foster Youth to Independence Programs on O‘ahu allows young adults a choice in their selection of a decent, safe and affordable home on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Under the Family Unification Program, Step-Up Housing & Foster Youth to Independence Programs provides Housing Choice Vouchers to youth aging out of foster care. Housing assistance through Section 8 is awarded to young adults for a maximum of 36 months. A voucher allows the participants to rent a home in the community of their choice. Participants initially pay between 30% and 40% of their monthly adjusted income toward rent and utilities, with the balance paid through Section 8.

Eligibility Criteria:
• In foster care after the age of 16
• Currently age 18 through 24
• Have a stable source of income
• Currently lack adequate housing

Hale Pauahi Towers

Contact: 808.589.1829 Ext. 233

 Young adults transitioning out of foster care or have become unsheltered may rent below-market apartments in downtown Honolulu and receive case management and support services.

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