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Transitional Family Homes Program Profile
Butch and Remy Alegre

Butch and Remy Alegre have participated in Hale Kipa’s Transitional Family Homes Program for more than a decade, caring for over 60 total youth from their home on O‘ahu.  

Remy, who has two grown children and five grandchildren and works in accounting in the hospitality industry, said she started fostering after seeing so many homeless youth. 

“Hawai‘i has lots of kids on the street, and it breaks my heart to see them,” she said. “When youth in Hale Kipa’s Transitional Family Homes Program come to your house, you can show them you care about them and you want to help them and help the community.”

Remy, who has fostered youth for a few days up to nearly a year, says some of them still call her and talk about life as an adult – sharing important milestones such as living on their own, starting a job, getting married and having children. 

“When I help them have a better future in life, that’s my reward,” she said.

She focuses on helping youth learn basic chores, such as how to clean their room and prepare dinner staples like rice. 

“I tell them that if they do it here, they can do it when they get home, and their parents will be so proud,” she said. “The most important thing you can do is show them that you trust them.”

Remy works with up to two youth at a time, and her dedication to the program since 2006 recently earned her an official recognition from the Office of the Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu.

She said she appreciates the 24/7 support from the dedicated and trained Hale Kipa staff, as well as the program’s training. Each parent receives 33 hours of initial training, covering important topics such as CPR and first aid, trauma-informed care, technology in the home and Hale Kipa policies. 

“I tell other prospective parents that it feels good to encourage, advise and help these youth,” she said. “You can give them a new life and help them. These kids can be a handful, but they make us stronger.”

About Hale Kipa’s Transitional Family Homes Program

The Transitional Family Homes Program involves youth who need additional support for various levels of trauma, abuse, violence and displacement, and includes the 24-hour support of Hale Kipa and regular visits by our foster staff and a therapist. Hale Kipa offers a support and learning system that seeks to keep children with additional needs in a healthy family unit until they can be reunited with their natural family, adopted, or learn to live independently. Youth in foster care need stability, consistency, safety and support from a foster family to learn how to live in a healthy, nurturing home.