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Ho‘okala Attendant Care Program

O‘ahu – 808.589.1829 Ext. 160 

The Ho‘okala (to free or release) Attendant Care Program is a diversion program implemented in 1993 to ensure that juveniles are not secured inappropriately in police lock-ups.

The program was created to maintain compliance with the Jail Removal and Sight and Sound Mandates of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974. It also provides 24-hour accessibility to police for youth being released from their custody.

Eligibility Criteria
Status offenders and non-violent minor law violators, age 10 through 17, who have been arrested. Police must contact Hale Kipa at 808.754.9858 and a staff member will meet the officer at the Hale Kipa Attendant Care Office within 1 hour.

Mai pono hana ‘oe akā e hana pono. – Work carefully, not carelessly.