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Juvenile Justice Services

Transition & Aftercare Support Services (TASS)

O‘ahu & Kaua‘i – 808.589.1829 Ext. 200
Hawai‘i & Maui – 808.969.1935

Transition & Aftercare Support Services provides support for youth transitioning back into the community from the Hawai‘i Youth Correctional Facility and their families.

Services are based on an intensive, individualized, and strengths-based approach that focuses on the youth and family’s needs and goals. Each family is assigned a Community Advocate who helps them identify and cultivate community relationships and form a network to provide support. Families receive an average of 6 hours of advocacy services each week. Youth and families may also participate in our Wraparound Services, which are provided by a facilitator, navigator and parent partner.

Eligibility Criteria
• Currently ages 12 through 20
• Transitioning out of the Hawai‘i Youth Correctional Facility

Ka‘i Like Program

O‘ahu – 808.589.1829 Ext. 200
Hawai‘i – 808.969.1935

Hale Kipa’s Ka‘i Like Program works collaboratively with Family Court to provide opportunities and support so youth involved in the juvenile justice system may succeed in the following areas:
• Be accountable for behaviors
• Comply with probation rules
• Remain arrest-free
• Develop new competencies
• Achieve educational goals
• Link to positive community resources

Eligibility Criteria
Youth who have been either:
• Arrested
• Petitioned
• Detained
• On protective supervision
• On supervised release
• On probation

Wraparound Services

O‘ahu – 808.589.1829 Ext. 200
Hawai‘i – 808.854.9032

Our Wraparound Services is an intensive, comprehensive family-driven planning and problem-solving process. Wraparound brings together a team to help youth and their families live together safely and productively. The wraparound approach builds on collective strengths to ensure appropriate service delivery in meeting the youth and family’s needs.

Each participant is assigned a Wraparound Facilitator and Community Navigator(s). Parents can also choose to have parent peer support services from a partnering family agency. Wraparound staff work with all team members to develop an individualized Plan of Care that guides the team’s efforts in creating and carrying out strategies to meet the youth and family’s prioritized needs.

Eligibility Criteria
Youth ages 12 through 21, who are involved in or at risk of involvement with the Juvenile Justice System who are:
• Incarcerated at the Hawai‘i Youth Correctional Facility
• On parole or probation with complex familial needs and are involved with multiple service providers
• At the Detention Facility or at risk of being placed on probation
• On the waiting list or residing in a safe house residential program
• At risk of or are placed in an institution in Hawai‘i or the U.S. mainland; or currently reside in an out-of-home placement in Hawai‘i

Independent Living Program Training Home (ILPTH)

Contact: 808.589.1829 Ext. 200

Hale Kipa’s Independent Living Program Training Home offers programs and skill-building services to young men, ages 17 through 21 on parole or probation to help them obtain education, employment and safe living arrangements.

Kalihi Juvenile Assessment Center (KJAC)

Contact: 808.336.1573

The Kalihi Juvenile Assessment Center is a crucial step in the diversion and healing process that allows youth to have the opportunity to address their challenges, discover and cultivate strengths and positive
relationships that can set the youth on a positive trajectory and prevent them from having an arrest record that requires Family Court intervention.

Ho‘okala Attendant Care Program

O‘ahu – 808.589.1829 Ext. 160 

The Ho‘okala (to free or release) Attendant Care Program is a diversion program implemented in 1993 to ensure that juveniles are not secured inappropriately in police lock-ups.

The program was created to maintain compliance with the Jail Removal and Sight and Sound Mandates of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974. It also provides 24-hour accessibility to police for youth being released from their custody.

Eligibility Criteria
Status offenders and non-violent minor law violators, age 10 through 17, who have been arrested. Police must contact Hale Kipa at 808.754.9858 and a staff member will meet the officer at the Hale Kipa Attendant Care Office within 1 hour.

Mai pono hana ‘oe akā e hana pono. – Work carefully, not carelessly.