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Kaua‘i Educational Assistance

Contact: 808.246.4898

School Attendance Support Services (SASS):

Hale Kipa’s School Attendance Support Services on Kaua‘i assists Waimea Canyon and Kapa‘a Middle School and High School students who are experiencing attendance issues find ways to reconnect at school, resume classes and graduate. Support activities include community connections and tutoring.

School Success Program (SSP):

Contact: 808.246.4898 

Hale Kipa’s School Success Program is a mentoring / tutoring / support service on Kaua‘i designed to meet the educational needs of youth, and to inspire them in lifelong learning. The goal of this program is to determine the most appropriate educational path for each youth and support them in that pursuit.

Youth can enroll in the School Success Program through self-referral, by the request of Family Court, or another social service agency.

Hale Kipa currently offers the following educational paths:

For youth who have an 11th grade reading level and are ready to pursue a GED, we assist with enrollment through the GED testing service and help them prepare for each portion of the test. (Ages 15 through 21)

Work Development:
Assistance with job applications and placement.

Credit Recovery:
Assistance for students ready to make up missed school credits. We help them enroll in credit recovery through their school, and offer support as they work toward their goal. (Any age)

Suspended Youth & In-school Support:
Youth who have been suspended from school, or youth in school who need additional support, can be referred to the School Success Program and receive one-on-one mentoring / tutoring from an educational specialist. (Any age)

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